Our kitchen renovation project started in July ’21, when Mark and his team took the first step and started taking down an internal wall, but our search for the right company to undertake the work actually started many months sooner.

Our choice of company was initially influenced by the desire to ‘BUY LOCAL’, knowing that small companies were suffering more during lockdown. We felt it was a bit of a risk, because you always think the larger (national) companies may do a better job, but we are thrilled that, in the end, we went with a local business and selected Mark Crallan Kitchens. We’d read 100’s of online reviews and Mark was one of a few experienced Kitchen fitters that we met with. Within minutes of meeting Mark we knew we’d found the right guy, no question, end of search!

Our project was to remove an internal dividing wall, effectively absorbing a small utility into the kitchen footprint, making for a 7mtr long kitchen with a feature island. Throughout the work being done, Mark was instrumental in making suggestions, he even assisted with the online planning tool and helped us select more functional cabinets and improved features. Mark and the whole team are, in a word, brilliant!…..

The builder, plasterer, plumber and electricians he’s partnered with are all so professional, friendly, good natured and helpful. The small snags we encountered, from historical home improvements, were easily overcome and in many cases made even better. Nothing was ever an issue. Every one of the team took pride in their work and did each piece of work respectful to the trade that was ‘next on site’.

Most of our deliveries were delayed, pretty much every appliance and accessory was late, but Mark adapted his schedule and that of the team, so deadlines, although tight, never made us feel inconvenienced. Mark has a keen eye for detail and is definitely a perfectionist. Fit and finish is top quality! We are incredibly pleased with the final outcome and what Mark and his colleagues have installed is well beyond our expectations.

And Finally….
Yes, it’s a long review, when we could’ve simply said ‘highly recommended – 5 star service’, but Mark and the guys all deserve the credit and accolade for what they have done for us in our family home! They are all fantastic! So, bottom line… No hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mark Crallan Kitchens as a business, and Mark himself as a project manager!